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Systematic Evaluation of Market Testing

By strategizing the market-testing phase, you can reduce financial risks and increase chances for success.


There are 3 key stages to the market testing process that can be evaluated objectively and acted upon accordingly:

#1 Market Research

  1. Perform a competitive analysis and a market-positioning map to determine market opportunities.

  2. Design your marketing messaging around the closest positioning to your product's current functionality, appearance, and branding.

#2 Market Test

  1. Get a photoshoot of the product, generate 3D renders and mockups, or integrate a photo mode into the game for marketing asset creation.

  2. Draft a landing page and ads which follow the selected market-positioning, and run a market test using ads for 3 to 5 days, at $80 per day.

    During this market-testing stage, consider surveying or polling for desired features, reward ideas, stretch goal ideas, and ask what they expect to pay for your product.

    Placements of the survey may include: a special offer landing page after signing up via email, a welcome email with an invitation to take a survey, or a question that must be answered to join the Facebook Group or to get a role to see the entire Discord server.

  3. After each test, begin a new test in the same manner by: creating new ads, revising the website hero banner or key sections, or lowering the MSRP price.

#3 Performance Evaluation

If Market Test described in step #2 has failed to reach an average of under $3 cost per lead:

  1. Try an alternate product positioning as detailed in Step #1.
    Revise page and ads accordingly.

  2. Go back to #2 with another market-test ad campaign.

If Market Test described in step #2 has successfully reached an average of under $3 cost per lead:

  1. Compare the expected price and desired features, rewards, and goals in the survey responses with your current webpage’s presentation.

    Is the top requested stretch goal likely a key feature? If yes, get it drafted or mocked up, and integrate it into the marketing messaging (addition of new landing page section).

  2. Scale up to a full ad-campaign:
    1. Increase daily ad-spend by 20% to 40% every 48 hours
    2. If using VIP System, create an “Advantage+ Sales” Campaign on Facebook Ads
    3. If budget available, create a “Follow On Kickstarter” Lead Campaign on Facebook Ads

  3. Draft the video trailer and Kickstarter Page design, and give sneak peeks to the press and your community. Test the trailer using Facebook ads via In-App Signup Form ads or a video trailer landing page.




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