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Prelaunch Campaigns

My passion is all about how to successfully launch your project

Hey there, I'm Matt Olick and I have a 20-year career that consists of being an creator, consultant, and educator for both video games, tabletop games, and physical products.

After launching over a hundred crowdfunding campaigns, my personal clients raise an average of $290,000.

Every time we get funded within minutes on Kickstarter, it's by doing a prelaunch campaign to either build a community -- or do VIP preorder reservations using Facebook ads.

Crowdfunding Service Packages

You can contract me at an hourly rate for full-service work or as needed on a task-by-task basis (no task is too small!).

For common services, I have these following packages available:

* Typical results with $80/day ad‑spend:
1500 leads per month, with 20% conversion rate into backers

Complete Price List

Ads (Facebook, Google Search, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit)

  • Design & Manage Ads
    8 hours per month, $350/month
    (includes: copywriting, graphics & video editing, audience & retargeting & LAL setup, pixel tracking)

Page Design

  • Design & Manage Website
    15 hours, $650
    (includes: setup, copywriting, graphics & video editing, pixel tracking, email design, page updates)
    1, 2, 3

  • Design & Manage Campaign Page
    50 hours, $2,000
    (includes: graphic design & GIF editing, copywriting, reward tiers, stretch goals, page updates)


  • Reddit Giveaway Hosting
    2 hours, $80
    (includes: copywriting, posting & management, winner selection)

  • Livestream Hosting
    2 hours, $80/event
    (launch party, countdown finale)

Press & Influencers

  • Crosspost Campaign
    2 hours per 10 contacts, $100/set
    (includes: contact list creation, outreach, copywriting for campaign update)

  • Press / Influencer Campaign
    10 hours per 50 contacts, $400/set
    (includes: press kit or influencer brief design, contact list creation, contact email outreach)

Crowdfunding Consultation

  • Strategy Consulting
    ... simply $50/month
    (on-demand video chat, daily messenger chat, asset reviews, troubleshooting)

I Work With Projects Of All Types & Sizes

Let's Chat

If you're already running a live campaign or planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign in the next 6 months, please fill out this form and we can schedule a complementary strategy call (or chat via email, if you prefer).

The only thing I love more than launching products is making friends with other creators. I look forward to hearing from you!