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Prelaunch Campaigns

My passion is all about how to successfully launch your project

Hey there, I'm Matt Olick and I have a 20-year career being an educator, consultant, and creator of video games, tabletop games, and physical products (View My Portfolio).

After successfully launching over a hundred crowdfunding campaigns, my personal clients raise an average of $290,000 on Kickstarter.

Every time we get funded within minutes on Kickstarter, it's by doing a prelaunch campaign to either build a community, gather Kickstarter Followers, or get VIP Reservations using Facebook ads:

A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Sarah, co-founder of Astral Clocktower Studios and "Kristala", a soulslike RPG on Kickstarter
A testimonial from Ayael, creator of Imperial Grace, and Branden Duncan, creator of the Hedgehog Mouse on Kickstarter
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from a club member and Erica, the founder and creator of Best for Bees and the ProtectaBee Hive Entrance
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Brendan, creator of Creed's Codex series for Dungeons & Dragons on Kickstarter
A testimonial on Reddit for Prelaunch Club
Launchboom's CEO Mark Pecota and Product Launch Director Ian Hannon's testimonial for my contracted work with Launchboom from April 2021 to April 2022
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Elrik, creator of Book of Conflict on Kickstarter, and also from NaeVee of BigWhoop!
A testimonial for Matt Olick's services from Tommy, a creator of Tavern Talk visual novel game
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Francis, the creator of Arpobot Smart Shades on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Service Packages

You can contract me at an hourly rate for full-service work or as needed on a task-by-task basis (no task is too small!).

For common services, I have these following packages available:

* Typical results with $80/day ad‑spend:
1500 leads per month, with 20% conversion rate into backers

Complete Price List

Ads (Facebook, Google Search, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit)

  • Design & Manage Ads
    10 hours per month, $400/month
    (includes: copywriting, graphics & video editing, audience & retargeting & LAL setup, pixel tracking)

    Ad Campaign types:
    * Prelaunch
    * Live Kickstarter
    * Late pledge store
    * Amazon & ecommerce
    * Steam wishlist

Page Design

  • Design & Manage Website
    15 hours, $600
    (includes: setup, copywriting, graphics & video editing, pixel tracking, email design, page updates)
    Gaming, Physical Product


  • Reddit Giveaway
    4 hours, $200/post
    (includes: copywriting, posting & management, winner selection)

  • Livestream Events
    3 hours, $150/event
    (launch party, countdown finale)

Press & Influencers

  • Crosspost Campaign
    2 hours per 10 contacts, $100/set
    (includes: contact list creation, outreach, copywriting for campaign update)

  • Press / Influencer Campaign
    10 hours per 50 contacts, $500/set
    (includes: press kit or influencer brief design, contact list creation, contact email outreach)

Crowdfunding Consultation

  • Strategy Consulting
    ... simply $50/month
    (on-demand video chat, daily messenger chat, asset reviews, troubleshooting)

I Work With Projects Of All Types & Sizes

Commissions are fully booked until Q3 2024

However, if you simply need troubleshooting or consulting support...

Please join us on Discord and I'll be happy to assist you there.
After joining the Discord server, simply tag me "@Matt Olick" with a message: