A Smart Flameless Candle for any Light Bulb Socket

Realistic moving flame

Screws into existing light fixtures

Millions of color options

Alexa and Google Home enabled

Energy-Efficient LEDs

Authentic candlelight experience

3D Flame-Effect Technology

Color & Flicker Movement

Our patent pending 3D flame technology has been meticulously crafted and tuned to deliver a warm, calming glow that's indistinguishable from a real flame.

Multiple LEDs project light onto a moving flame-shaped reflector. The serene flicker patterns create a realism from any viewing angle.

Snap-on Covers, Bulb & Nightlight Adapters when you need it

Multiple cover options and different socket adapters + converters allow you to put Velaflame in almost any style of fixture: chandeliers, lamps, sconces, outdoor porch lights, wall outlets, and more.

Create a Warm Space
anywhere with a light bulb socket

The Velaflame bulb works on it's own as soon as it's screwed in.

Connect the bulbs to your existing Amazon Alexa or Google Home setup to enable voice commands and grouping with other smart devices.

Change the Mood
using animation, color & brightness

The brightness can be adjusted as dim as you like to craft an atmosphere that's uniquely you.

Mix and match multiple colors simultaneously on the 3-sided flame reflector to create a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors.

Everything you love about candles.

Plus they are safe!

Experience the charm of candlelight without fire hazards. By using the best premium LED’s available, Velaflame is efficient, battery-free, and will last many years.

Get an early bird discount

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