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The World's First
AR Glasses To Use ChatGPT AI‑Technology

Ultra-Light 79g


Wireless Design

Real Time Translation

Chat GPT

Ultra Lightweight & Wireless AR Glasses

Weighing only 79g, these are the feather-like smart glasses that will make your life so much better without feeling heaviness around your eyes, on your nose, or neck-strain.

These wireless all-in-one AR & AI smart glasses integrate voice-to-text and text-to-voice commands, along with hands-free real-time language translation.

Weatherproofed: Designed for All Conditions

Whether it’s sunny, gray, or rainy outdoors:

AI-Powered by Chat GPT

Quite simply, these are the world’s first glasses that work as your dedicated AI assistant.

Connect to Chat GPT and get instant answers, drive your car with a real-time intelligent assistant, support your decisions with instantly researched information, and more — right from the simplicity of the glasses that you’re wearing.

50+ Languages Translated In Milliseconds

Remove any language barriers during normal conversation, watching TV, or while travelling.

Leion Hey Smart Glasses are programmed to recognize and translate more than 50 languages and dialects, converting them into millisecond real-time subtitles.

Equipped with Noise Reduction Technology

Multiple microphone arrays and customized AI algorithms achieve a voice recognition rate of more than 95% at a distance of 5 meters in a normal environment.

In a noisy environment with multiple background voices, the AI algorithms achieve a voice recognition rate of more than 85% at 5 meters.

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