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Shopify Theme for Prelaunch & Late Pledges

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All-in-one, plug-and-go website theme for everything a Kickstarter project will need throughout it's product lifecycle, from conception to distribution.

NOTE:  if you need additional assistance getting familiar with Shopify and my theme, please reach out to me via the Contact form at the bottom of this page, here.


Included in this package:

  • 'Rocket' Shopify theme
  • 70+ Kickstarter Email Templates (a $6.95 value)

  • Walkthrough Videos
  • Checklist for funnel setup
  • Step-by-step guides on funnel setup:
    • Shopify account setup & customization
    • Welcome email automation setup
    • Collecting $1 Deposits or VIP Reservations

Page Templates included with theme

Landing Page

Special Offer Page 

User Journey Flowmaps

Traditional Email Lead funnel:

User journey flowmap for a traditional email lead generation funnel

VIP Access funnel:

Example of a user journey flowmap for a VIP Offer funnel


Recommended Testing Sequence

The recommended testing sequence for a Kickstarter Prelaunch, using Kickstarter Follower Ads, Surveys, and a VIP Reservation Funnel.

Free Updates

My comprehensive collection of templates is always growing with the latest trends in marketing.

Additions & updates are automatically uploaded to the Google Doc file.

Email Support

All template packages have my email address included for priority support.

Have a question about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts? Drop me a line at the email address included with the templates!

Shareable Copy

All templates are a Google Doc that can be saved as a personal copy and also as PDF.

While I do allow you to privately share this copy with co-workers or project teammates, you do not have a license to distribute it publicly or for resale.

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