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How to Research Market Trends

One of the keys to any business is to really understand what your customers want. A product that does not fit the market will not succeed.


Keyword Analysis

Related Searches

Use a tool like KeywordTool.io to get a complete list of “autocomplete” options when searching for a keyword on Google.

Similarly, at the bottom of the first page of any search results on Google, you will see a list of recommended search terms.


Google Trends

Analyze the amount of searches made for specific keywords on Google, and discover related keywords to those searches:



TF*IDF Analysis

TF*IDF Analysis is a method that computes the most common words and phrases that appear within the top web pages returned by a search result.

A free TF*IDF Analysis tool is by SEObility:



Hashtag Analysis

Use RiteTag to analyze how popular specific hashtags are on social medias:


Trending Charts

There are various trending charts for specific industries:


YouTube Search

Go to YouTube and search for a product type + “Review” or “Best 2023” etc.

Filter the search results by “uploaded within the last few months”.

Community Analysis

Explore places where consumers hang out to discuss a product type:

Note what consumers are excited about.

Note what consumers are disappointed in.




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