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Research Where Customers Find New Products

To reach your ideal customers at the cheapest cost, you must figure out where they go to shop and find new products.


Community Surveys

The simplest way to learn how your target consumer finds new products within your market, is to simply ask them!

Add a Google Form survey to the post-signup page (instead of a VIP Deposit or a Join Discord button), and add a survey link to the welcome email & an email blast to your existing subscribers to take the survey.

Thirdly, go to where they hang out, such as Reddit or Facebook groups, and conduct a survey or poll:

“Anyone use/play/read [product category]?

Where do you find new [product category]s?”


  • Browsing the store
  • Magazines and blogs
  • Social media influencers
  • I don’t use [product type or activity]

  • Note that the poll options do not include ads, recommendations from friends, pirating, or any other channels that are not under your control nor savory.

    The above example Facebook Group poll also includes an option for “I don’t use…”. This is important, because when somebody votes for this option, it will still count as an engagement which boosts the post on the news feed. 

    Keep the poll open, as you may be surprised by unexpected answers.


    Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter

    The platform you choose to launch on should be based upon how competitors or related products perform on each platform. 

    To research this, go to both Kickstarter and Indiegogo and try searching for the product type to find products similar in type or industry – compare the amount of projects on each platform and their average raise.




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