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'Physical Game Copy' promo

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Fully editable, downloadable Photoshop PSD template file.

If you prefer me to edit the template for you, please email me via the "Hire Services" contact form and I will do it for free with your purchase.

Instructions on usage:

  • Replace the cover art on the physical game box. To do this, doubleclick to edit the 'case front' and then the 'case spine' layer smart objects located under the 'game box' and 'case' layer-folders.

  • Replace the text as needed.

  • Replace the frame-corner images and icon behind the title to match your branding.

  • Replace the company logo and fulfillment partner logo. 

  • Use the 'Hue/Saturation' adjustment layers to change the individual gradient background colors.

  • Use the paint-bucket 'flood' tool on the various color layers to change the colors of badges and text.
Free Updates

My comprehensive collection of templates is always growing with the latest trends in marketing.

Additions & updates are automatically uploaded to the Google Doc file.

Email Support

All template packages have my email address included for priority support.

Have a question about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts? Drop me a line at the email address included with the templates!

Shareable Copy

All templates are a Google Doc that can be saved as a personal copy and also as PDF.

While I do allow you to privately share this copy with co-workers or project teammates, you do not have a license to distribute it publicly or for resale.

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