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How to turn a TikTok Influencer's Post into an Ad for Kickstarter

With their permission, you can transform a TikTok and Instagram Influencer's post into a sponsored ad on either Instagram or TikTok.


Turn an Influencer Post into an Ad

TikTok has tools for promoting influencer’s videos who sponsor your brand.

When an influencer promotes your brand, ask them for an “Authorization Code”, which you can then use in TikTok Ads Manager. If needed, you can provide them with a link to this article which details how they can get the code for you.

To use the post as an ad, first go to TikTok Ads Manager, click “Assets”, then “Spark Ad posts”, and press the “Apply for authorization” button. 

Finally, insert the post code:

To add a Spark Ad Post to your TikTok Ad Manager Assets, insert the post authorization code under the "Assets" dashboard.

Now that authorization is set up, create a new ad campaign by going to the Campaign dashboard and click the “Create” button:

To create a new Spark Ad Campaign in TikTok Ad Manager, simply click the orange "Create" button.

If it asks, select “Custom Mode”:

Be sure to select "Custom Mode" when creating a new ad campaign in TikTok Ad Manager, especially when promoting a Kickstarter project.

Select the “Traffic” Objective if you are linking traffic to a live Kickstarter campaign, as you cannot use a TikTok pixel on the Kickstarter website – otherwise, you can use Leads objective if you have a pixel on the webpage:

Use a "Traffic" campaign when creating a TikTok ad campaign for a Kickstarter Launch.

It will next ask if you want Campaign Budget Optimization or setting a Campaign Budget – leave these options off, i.e. the default settings.

Next it will present the Ad Group options. Set the demographics to be the same as your Facebook campaigns – in essence, ages 25 to 54, USA, etc.

For Interest Targeting, use the “Hashtags” to hone in on your ideal target:



Use hashtags as your detailed interest targeting when creating a TikTok Ad Campaign for a Kickstarter Launch.

After finishing the Ad Group settings, press the “Next” button to start designing the ad.

Turn on “Use TikTok account to deliver…”, and then select the authorized influencer’s account in the dropdown list:

An example of a Dungeons & Dragons influencer post being used as a TikTok Spark Ad, featuring Punk Rock Jenny.

Scrolling down to the next section, “Ad Format”, select the influencer’s post.

Finally, in the last section “Destination”, insert the Kickstarter page link.
Remember to choose Call-To-Action text by pressing “View Selected Text”. Uncheck all the text options except for “Learn More” and “Check It Out”.

After selecting the TikTok Influencer's post for use in a Spark Ad, make sure to insert the URL link to Kickstarter and customize the Call-To-Action button text.


Your ad is now ready!

Press “Publish” when you are done reviewing your work. It can take up to 24 hours for the ad to be reviewed and start serving.

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