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Kickstarter Quickstart Guide (2024)

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Kickstarter Quickstart Guide (2024 Edition) contains all the steps and expert strategies for launching a project on Kickstarter -- broken down into easy step-by-step tutorials and templates.

This guide is built for use with any Website Builder or Website Theme.

Every key strategy used by the biggest Kickstarters in just 47 pages, supplemented by 10+ walkthrough videos for visual learners.

The Quickstart Guide includes how to:

  • Plan your Pitch & VIP Add-on.
  • Run Kickstarter Follower ads for quality leads.
  • Run Landing Page ads to validate the price & content.
  • Design the Kickstarter and Rewards.
  • Email Templates to Hype Up superfans.
  • Launch and promote a live campaign.
  • Setup & promote a Late Pledge Store

Additionally, you will receive the following packages: 

  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Update Templates
  • Facebook Ad & Audience Templates
  • Kickstarter Page Template
  • Launch Party livestream video script
  • Reddit Giveaway & Post Templates
  • Sample Press Kits & Influencer Briefs

Free Updates

My comprehensive collection of templates is always growing with the latest trends in marketing.

Additions & updates are automatically uploaded to the Google Doc file.

Email Support

All template packages have my email address included for priority support.

Have a question about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts? Drop me a line at the email address included with the templates!

Shareable Copy

All templates are a Google Doc that can be saved as a personal copy and also as PDF.

While I do allow you to privately share this copy with co-workers or project teammates, you do not have a license to distribute it publicly or for resale.

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Here's a sneak peek of the Core Framework:

The key to success is to collect either Kickstarter Followers or VIP Reservations, because they both have similar average conversion rates into backers (25 to 30%):

There are three stages to market testing using the Prelaunch Club system: Kickstarter Follower Ads, Landing Page Survey Ads, and VIP Discounts or Exclusive VIP Add-ons

Begin testing with Kickstarter Follower Ads, followed by testing a Landing Page which includes a Survey after email signup.

Use the survey responses about expected price and desired add-ons to craft a “VIP Discount” or “Exclusive VIP Add-on”. This new offer replaces the Survey and asks visitors to put down a $1+ dollar reservation for VIP Perks.

What clients say about the guides:

A testimonial for Prelaunch Club by Ayael, the creator of Imperial Grace on Kickstarter
A testimonial from a new Prelaunch Club member, after reading the Kickstarter Quickstart Guide (2024)
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Tommy, a creator of Tavern Talk visual novel game
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club from Jo, the creator MOcean wrist watches on Kickstarter
A testimonial for Prelaunch Club's guides from LaunchBoom Senior Consultant & Campaign Strategist, Soren Fuchs
Many testimonials for Matt Olick's quality of service during his 2021 - 2022 consultancy with LaunchBoom

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